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Opportunities at InfoAge

  • We always need e-volunteers!
  • Can you research radio history and radio shows and help us create web pages? Whether you're in elementary school or are retired, we can use your help!
  • Would you like to write short biographies of radio stars and scientists? This is something that's easy and doesn't take a lot of time but is a big help. All of our Radio Greats biographies have been written by volunteers.
  • Do you want to make a difference? Can you help us research ideas for exhibits? You don't have to have any experience, we have extensive resources to help you. Do you have a suggestion for an exhibit you would like to see in the future?
  • Can you help us build exhibits? Would your school group, Girl scout or Boy scout troop be interested in helping create exhibits?
  • Are you an educator? Can you help us develop programs for children or adults?
  • Did you work at Camp Evans? Do you know someone who did? Are you interested in interviewing people? Help us collect oral histories.
  • Do you know how to type? We can use your help transcribing articles and oral histories.
  • Do you know how to use a scanner or are you willing to learn? We can use your help!
  • Were you an employee of one of the companies that shaped the Information Age? Tell us how your company made a difference.
  • Are you an expert in Information Age technology? Share your expertise with others.
  • Are you good at explaining things to children? Help us make webpages and exhibits that children can understand.
  • Do you like to make puzzles, word searches or other games for children? Help us create a children's activity book!
  • Would you like to draw pictures for children to color in? Help us make pages for our coloring book.
  • Industry and the military develop thousands of potential useful test units, demo units and prototypes that can be used to show students how devices work and the science behind them. Can you help us teach the science behind technology?
  • Do you know HTML, Flash, Shockwave, Java or some other web language? Help us improve our website.


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