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Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio Club

The Ocean-Monmouth Amateur Radio Club has maintained building 9116 on the Diana Site since 2002.   OMARC was provided with space in building 9116 by the U.S. Army prior to the closure of Camp Evans by the Base Re-alignment and Closure (BRAC) process.  InfoAge has graciously continued this arrangement.

Our exhibits include

  • Two complete radio rooms with fully operational amateur radio stations.
  • The station used for the first successful  private attempt to bounce a signal off the moon.
  • The first TLM-18 telemetry antenna.   TLM-18, serial number 1 was used to control and downlink television images from the Television Infrared Observation Satellites,  TIROS 1 and TIROS 2.

Working with InfoAge, OMARC has made continuous improvements to  Building 9116 and the site in general.

  • Upgrading the electrical distribution system.
  • Installation of a local area network and telephone system.
  • Installed an alarm system
  • Provided a  multi-media equipped classroom.
  • Brought broadband internet on the Diana site with public access WI-FI.

Care to learn more about us, participate (it's free!), donate, interview us, get on the air, rent some equipment, or generally contact us?

Ocean-Monmouth Amateur Radio Club
Building 9116
2300 Marconi Road
Wall Township, New Jersey
TEL:  +01 732-428-7373
FAX:  +01 732-230-2363

Directions to the Diana Site

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